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Compassionate Program

Compassionate Program

This unique opportunity is tailored for individuals with low income due to disability, and to those that have a passion and opportunity to helps others and want to therapy train the puppy and work with it throughout the community but can’t afford the initial cost.


This program is offering a more affordable way to welcome a furry companion into their lives. By extending this program, we aim to make the companionship and benefits of owning a puppy more accessible to those who may not have had the chance otherwise.


Join us in spreading love and positivity through the Compassionate Puppy Program. Please apply and share your story. We will be offering a few puppies each year at a reduced adoption fee.

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We are thrilled to launch our new initiative, the Compassionate Puppy Program. What sets the Compassionate Puppy Program apart is its emphasis on giving back to the community. Designed to bring the joy of owning a high-quality breed puppy within reach of those facing financial challenges.

Please tell us your story...

To apply for the Compassionate program please complete application below.

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