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About Us

Dawn Dee Doodles is located in the beautiful province of British Columbia Canada. We are dedicated to raising Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles and Poodles with excellent temperaments and dispositions. We strive to produce healthy, long-living companions that shed less than the parent breeds we know and love. Our dogs are our life and we treat each as a member of our family.


Here at Dawn Dee Doodles, our puppies are raised in our home and socialized since birth. We follow puppy culture protocols and believe that the perfect family dog starts with the work done by the breeder early on in life. We start litter box all of our puppies as soon as they become mobile to make outdoor potty training a breeze. 


Once the puppies' eyes and ears open we expose them to all sorts of sights and sounds that we see and hear every day to ensure your puppy is confident in any given situation. We work diligently in providing each puppy we bring into this world with the fundamental basics for the best possible start in life. 


Our Puppies are of the highest quality. We provide our dogs with top knowledge diets to ensure they are at their healthiest!

We raise our puppies by Puppy Culture protocols. Puppies are calm and are handled lots by the whole family. 

We also train them to use a puppy litter box when they are young for easy transition into your home. Both Dam and Sire on site. Puppies have been handled using the Early Neurological Stimulation (Better Breeders) Dr. Battaglia.

Doodle Cottage

The Doodle Cottage

The Doodle Cottage was built in 2017.  It's a brand new facility for us!  We treat this cottage as a seasonal day retreat for the puppies in the non winter months.  I want to stress that the puppies are born in our home and remain there with us for three to four weeks before they get to venture to their new play area.  


They return to our home for multiple day visits to learn stairs, noise and how to potty train in the house.  This facility is only used in the warmer months when my poodle posse can enjoy the days outside.  Puppies take turns venturing out into our 2 acre yard for some supervised playtime.  They get to spend quality time with our children, friends and our other dogs building confidence and learning valuable lessons from the others.

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